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The Whispered World: New Screens from the Autumn Forest

For Immediate Release

Hamburg/Germany: March 18, 2008. In the upcoming adventure game The Whispered World from Daedalic Entertainment, hero Sadwick sets out on a perilous journey. An ancient prophecy is supposed to lead him on his way, but first he will have to find it. His adventure begins in the Autumn Forest, where the foliage brims with color thoughout the year. Here he comes across the decaying remains of a building - only a doorway seems to have stood the test of time - but what secrets lie beyond? The second new screenshot shows an old grandfather clock that is part of another riddle for Sadwick to overcome in search of the prophecy.

Protagonist Sadwick is a young clown but and far from being in a laughing mood. He travels a fairy tale world with his family's circus. One night, a mysterious form speaks to him in a dream and sends him on perilous journey. Many challenges await Sadwick, for the world he knows so well is doomed...

In the vein of classic adventure games, gamers direct Sadwick and his constant companion, a little worm named Spot, through the gorgeous backdrops of the game world. Hand-painted backgrounds filled with animated details and lovingly crafted characters in the style of classic animated films bring the story to life. The Whispered World meshes fairy-tale elements with melancholic undertones to create an epic fantasy story.

The fantasy adventure game will be released for PC in the 4th quarter of 2008.


About Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment develops and publishes high-quality computer and video games worldwide. Focus is the production of entertainment software with strong narratives. The company based in Hamburg, Germany offers international partners services in the fields of development, publishing and consulting. With its talented internal team and an expansive network of experienced service providers, Daedalic is the ideal partner for games marketing, development and publishing.


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