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The USBCELL is the latest must have PS3 accessory

For further information on the USBCELL range please visit: http://www.USBCELL.com

Have you ever been playing your favourite console game on the PS3got to the highest level you have ever achieved and then your controller runs out of power allowing the zombie to eat you, ending your personal triumph frustrating uh?! Well, punch the pillow in anger no more - Moixa's USBCELL AA rechargeable batteries are the perfect way for you to keep your controller powered up from the start to the gory end!

The USBCELL features a unique design, where you pull off the cap to reveal a USB plug. Simply insert into any USB port to recharge them, the PS3 has 4 USB ports on the front panel, this means you can plug one set in to your controller whilst the other charges in the USB ports of your PS3 console allowing you to swap and play.all day! The USBCELLs are also ideal for the Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii, so let the only frustration of gaming be virtual!

The USBCELL is also great news for the environment, directly reducing the wasteful consumption of single-use batteries, so you can help save the planet literally whilst doing the same virtually. Each USBCELL saves approx 7KG of CO2 being emitted and 3KG of toxic waste being thrown into landfill.

Over 15 billion batteries are made and thrown away each year - equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back - causing significant CO2/Resource waste in manufacture and toxic landfill. USBCELL offers consumers a better choice - a battery that can be recharged anywhere from a USB port, without the need of finding or carrying cables and adaptors.

About Moixa Energy

Moixa Energy Holdings, founded by innovators Simon Daniel and Chris Wright, is a spin-out from Moixa which pioneers advanced portable devices and interfaces. Moixa rethinks market axioms and creates new technology and Intellectual Property which it commercialises through licensing, joint ventures or creating new ventures.

Moixa Energy Holdings undertakes R&D and investment in renewable energy and portable power technologies. Our vision is to invent technologies that provide consumers with better solutions for their mobile, office or home power requirements that are more usable, economic and environmental. Moixa aims to transform the need for traditional AC/DC power supply adaptors that are used in consumer electronics equipment. Over 8 billion are in use around the world resulting in considerable energy loss and wasteful production.

The Moixa founder previously invented and licensed PDA folding keyboard technology, which has been used on over 2m products, and is currently licensed by Mobility Electronics - Nasdaq MOBE for their Stowaway line of Folding keyboards, and will also launch in the company's new Think Outside Sierra folding keyboard for Bluetoothenabled that was released on September 13th 2006, and is compatible with over 600 smartphones and PDA devices.



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