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What's In A Name?

As of issue 8, play.d magazine will be re-branded, as the played becomes The Player. Issue 8 of The Player will be available for download on Monday, the 23rd of July 2007, from the new URL www.the-player.co.uk

This is no mere namechange, however. With the new title comes a change in attitude, style, and most importantly, content. The Player views games as less of an essential, addictive, and life-controlling phenomenon, and more as a supplemental entertainment to a mature, world-wise and intelligent audience. He's grown up. We made this for you, because we think you're like us. The Player is the F.U.B.U. jacket of magazines. Minus the shameless commercialism. That's at least two years away.

So, The Player doesn't do previews, salivating at the prospect of a game due for release years down the line, extrapolating content from scant material. The Player examines the games that are here and now, not in orthodox, descriptive terms, but in an entertaining and we hope incisive way.

The Player's style will adjust to fit the new mots d'ordre- honesty and relevance being two of them, with things taking frequent turns to the comedic and the debased. Above all, you see, The Player, like the object of its scrutiny, seeks to entertain. So, in a cunning fusion of Prince and P Diddy's name-change idea, and Wacko Jacko's face-change compulsion, we've decided to bring you a new face, and a new name, to signify our new outlook. Needless to say, this has nothing to do with trying to confuse our creditors and their enforcement agents. No Sirree Bob.

Issue 8 begins this change by offering an examination of the political machinations that drive publishers, developers and press, as well as The Player's analysis of God Of War 2, Sam and Max Season 1, and Forza 2, among others.


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