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Pay-what-you-want subscription sale launched to (somehow) celebrate Valentine's day.

January 30th, 2010 -

Love is in the air and we here at the Indie Game Mag heart Indie Games. To Celebrate our indie love and Valentine’s day, we are having special promotional sale for our digital subscriptions. Starting today through Valentines Day (Sale Ends 2/8/2010), You can purchase a non-renewing premiere digital subscription for any price you want! You can pay as low as $1, the usual $25, or more. You’ll get a year of the magazine, 6 downloadable issues, and exclusive access online to love and support the indie game community! What are you waiting for? 


http://www.indiegamemag.com/valentinesdaysale.html ;

for more information or you can just use this link to purchase a subscription:


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