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The Devil runs riot in the UK….

* 80 per cent of Brits believe that Hilary Clinton is sexier than Margaret Thatcher

71 per cent of Brits upon finding an iPhone in the street would either sell it on Ebay or keep it rather than handing it in 70 per cent of Brits would fake an injury following a car accident to get money from the other driver

London, U.K., February 8, 2007 - Inspired by the launch of Devil May Cry 4, the 'Set Free the Devil Inside' survey results are in, and they show just how devilish the UK's population actually is.

Traditionally a reserved culture, the results of the survey found that the British are more than willing to set free their inner devil. Almost one in four people, upon finding that their finger had ripped through the toilet paper whilst making their daily motions, would happily wipe their finger on the face towel rather than wash it in the sink. A similar number of respondents also admitted to having a sniff!

The clichéd reserve of the British public in the bedroom was also dismissed, with 94 per cent of respondents more than happy to tie their partners to the bed for hours. The survey also found that almost four out of five people would rather spank than be spanked.

Outside the bedroom, Brits were happy to cheat on their partners, with two out of three people believing it isn't cheating if your partner doesn't find out. The public should also be wary of Brits with superpowers such as X-ray vision, as almost four out of five people would use it to peek into changing rooms.

Brits were also not afraid to let loose their inner devil in the workplace, with over half willing to stab a friend in the back to gain a promotion. Six out of ten were also willing to sleep with their boss and then blackmail them afterwards to gain a promotion.

The survey found that the most devilish inhabitants of the UK were based in Scotland, followed closely by people in East Anglia and the South East of England. Wales and Northern Ireland held the fourth and fifth most devilish location in the UK respectively.

"The site relies completely on user generated content and we have been extremely amused and sometimes shocked with the content that has been created. Visitors to the site created polls covering everything from office life to sex and relationships, in addition to writing confessions about devilish activities they had undertaken," said Leo Tan, Capcom. "What this survey makes clear is that there's a little devil inside all of us just waiting to come out."

Additional statistics taken from www.setfreethedevilinside.com include:

Sex & Relationships

78 per cent of Brits would rather spank than be spanked 61 per cent of Brits would sleep with someone to gain access to a sibling 60 per cent of Brits if asked whether their friend is single would either say they are already taken or gay if they were interested in the enquirer themself 54 per cent of Brits upon getting two numbers on a night out, would call one and then the other the next day 62 per cent of Brits would sleep with Angeline Jolie's top half grafted on to Anne Widdecombe's bottom half

Daily Life

63 per cent of Brits would choose to lose their taste rather than the ability to see, smell or feel 63 per cent of Brits have done a runner from a taxi cab without paying


When asked what laws are most acceptable to break:

36% said speeding in your car 30% said using drugs 20% said not declaring tax

Notes to the editor:

The 'Set Free the Devil Inside' online microsite currently has over three thousand registered members. All polls were created and completed by registered members of the public. Additional statistics are available upon request. Statistics used in this press release were collected on 12:00pm on Wednesday 6th February 2008.

Link to website: http://www.setfreethedevilinside.com

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