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The Battle is Engaged! Download New Stranger Screenshots

Cary, NC, March 3, 2008 - Today cdv Software Entertainment USA and Fireglow Games have released a new pack of screenshots from Stranger, the upcoming RTS/RPG fantasy game for PC. The new screens, downloadable at the links below, feature fierce battles with a variety of the deadly beasts and horrifying monstrosities that populate the game's rich fantasy world. Stranger, a hybrid RTS/RPG title, puts players in the role of a mysterious hero lost in a strange fantasy world. Stranger features a deep magic and enchantment system, and a rich world populated by more than a hundred unique monster types. Players can take control of three characters and enjoy a single-player campaign lasting more than 30 hours, while also being able to take their game online in eight-person Internet multiplayer matches. For more information about Stranger, visit the official Web site at http://stranger-game.com.

To download the screens, please visit:

http://cdv.gamespress.com/product.asp?s=43 (Members of the media)

http://cdvus.com (Consumers)

It's a fantasy come true: Epic role-playing adventure and real-time tactical confrontations collide in Stranger, a sprawling saga of sword and sorcery mayhem set in a world beyond your wildest imagination!

As one of three battle-hardened heroes, explore a hostile surface kingdom and mysterious subterranean realms, increasing your combat skills and magical abilities. Blade and spell streak across the screen in a dizzying dance as you battle with slavering beasts and mutant monstrosities, using intuitive enchantment and melee systems. Hire ruthless mercenaries' to assist you in your quests and defeat all those who dare challenge you. Gather not just your courage, but also your wits and resources before proceeding. From recruiting ultra-powerful allies to going face-to-face with the blackest evil and amassing a mystical arsenal capable of seeing you safely through this epic tale, you'll need all to meet the challenges which lie within.


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