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teh internets - Attack of the Memes

Featuring the lolcats, cheezburgerz and all your other favourites.

November 24, 2009

Always wanted to pilot a ROFLcopter through the internet, dodging pop-up windows, collecting lolcats and feeding angry trolls cheezburgers? Well, now you must! For memes are attacking in this newly released action/arcade (cyber)space-shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Insurgent Games' third iPhone game to date, teh internets- Attack of the Memes is now available in the App Store for $1.99. Sure to attract those who are fans of internet culture, as well as any action game enthusiast, this tongue-in-cheek app is chock full of lollerskaters, viruses, firewalls, and other denizens of the web. Players can compete for high scores on nine global leaderboards, such as most lolcats collected, total cheezburgerz eaten, and most time wasted. There are also a huge amount of hilarious achievements to unlock such as “kittens, inspired by kittens” and, “it's peanut butter jelly time.”

When asked to comment on their new release Crystal Mayer, co-founder of Insurgent Games said simply, “OMG! This game is the awesome sauce!” When asked to clarify she exclaimed, “kthxbye!” and allegedly melted into a puddle of what can only be described as ones and zeros.


• OpenFeint, a social gaming network for the iPhone and iPod Touch

• Adorable lolcats for score, and lollerskaters for extra lives

• Obnoxious pop-up windows, viruses, and firewalls

• Average, ruthless, and flaming trolls

• Catchy, electronic soundtrack

• Nine global leaderboards and 23 achievements

See the trailer here:


Press Contact:

Micah Lee, micah@insurgentgames.com, (415) 480-4263

About Insurgent Games

Insurgent Games is a San Francisco based mobile game development studio founded in 2009. Insurgent Games is dedicated to creating unique and well-crafted games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as Google Android devices, and currently has two games in the iPhone App Store. For more information visit http://www.insurgentgames.com/.

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