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Tears Saga

Gameplay video released for online action RPG where your mouse controls your character's limbs.

NECT, a Korean online game developer, changed the name of its developing Action MMORPG game from 'Puppeteers' to 'Tears Saga' and disclosed new video to show the play of the new game.

As a new game developer whose technical expertise is on development, NECT was established by five veteran game developers in January this year. Their first title, "Tears Saga," attracted a lot of attention during its limited release in the US last June. Currently under development, it is targeted for a closed beta service next year after the in-house alpha testing was completed in just 8 months since development began in full swing.

The most impressive feature of 'Tears Saga' is that it shows exciting actions online above all. It is very well-known that realization of exciting actions is highly tricky due to synchronization issues between users unlike console games. But, proudly, 'Tears Saga' retains the most exciting actions among existing online action RPGs.

Especially, AMC system created utmost actions as succeeding in making body parts of characters move with the mouse. Normal games can only use set actions when a specific key is pressed. In contrast, "Tears Saga" has enabled the detailed movement of the character according to the movement of the cursor.

As a representative technology of NECT, the AMC (Avatar Mouse Control) System allows the game player to control the angle at which a sword is wielded or the direction a gun is shot by adjusting the movement of an Avatar’s arm and waist. The system applies differently depending on the weapon, and especially when players raise their guns, they can deal with their enemies flocking from everywhere only with mouse without changes in the screen focus on. Also gamers can try dealing with a huge damage by attacking the enemy’s head using this new system or engage in strategic play per instance such as aiming for the legs of the enemies to trip them and prevent them from approaching the player.

Furthermore, if you hit the enemy with a normal attack or a specific skill, the monster floats in air in real time. Subsequently, you can do an air combo or deal additional blows and gain the advantage in combat. The dynamic action similar to playing a fighting game such as Tekken or Virtual Fighter is implemented online.

Currently, NECT is working hard to stabilize and add contents to the game to meet its goal of launching a closed beta service by the first half of 2009.

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