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Team Fortress 2 gets in-game store

Players can sell and make money from user generated content

Valve's Team Fortress 2 has opened an in-game store to allow users to buy, sell and customise game items using cash from the newly founded Steam Wallet service.

The Steam Wallet service began last month, allowing Steam users to add cash to a Steam-specific account to buy games and services. Instead of using points, the system uses local currency, operating in euro, dollars and sterling.

The Wallet has a minimum spend of $5, £4 or 5€, but allows any amount above that to be added at any time.

In addition to allowing players to trade and customise items found in game, the Mann Co. store allows user-created items to be traded. When these items are sold, the user who created them receives a portion of the sale price directly to their Steam Wallet.

Valve were keen to stress that paying for items would not give players and unfair advantage, as all items would be obtainable through regular gameplay as well. An FAQ about the new store on the Team Fortress website also made clear that the free updates which the company provides would not start being charged for.

The store is currently only open in the PC version of the game.


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