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Plug pulled on illegal servers.


Seoul, Korea – May 6th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that the company has succeeded in shutting down the illegal servers of TANTRA, popular MMORPG developed by Joy Impact, in North America and South America regions.

According to HanbitSoft, it was last November that the company found out about illegal servers of TANTRA. It was right after signing publishing rights agreements with NexoGame.s.r.l, for distributing TANTRA in Mexico and Spain.

After finding out that, which was then called Imperio Online, was not a legally approved game by HanbitSoft, the two companies had been working to prove that the game was run illegally. Their efforts for over 5 months have finally paid off by proving the fact to the North American IDC(Internet Data Center), and succeeded in shutting them down.

During the process, HanbitSoft discovered that many gamers had been using the service without even knowing that they were run illegally. The company is now concentrating on informing the gamers that the only proper server that distributes TANTRA in Mexico and Spain is Play Tantra, run by NexoGames.

“HanbitSoft will take strict action towards those running illegal servers overseas” said Ki Young KIM, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “this is inevitable to eliminate the damages of HanbitSoft and our partners, and most importantly, innocent gamers abroad.”

HanbitSoft announced that the company has recently found several illegal servers in those regions, and this will be taken care of with strict procedures.


About HanbitSoft

HanbitSoft Inc. is one of the largest online game publishers in Korea as well as in Asia. HanbitSoft has continuously invested in developing and publishing excellent and promising online games. HanbitSoft has broad portfolio of online games ranging from casual games to high-end MMORPG’s, either developed in-house or by external development studios such as Joy Impact (WYD and upcoming MMORPG AIKA) IMC Games (Granado Espada), etc. HanbitSoft games have reached out to more than 40 countries including Europe and Brazil and it is focusing on pioneering overseas online game markets in an effort to be a “global leading publisher.” For more information, contact Janelle HA at hBonkiE@hanbitsoft.co.kr


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