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Tampa On The Forefront Of Internet Marketing

Two Tampa entrepreneurs help change the face of internet marketing with new online business


TAMPA- If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is EXCEPT in today's new world of internet marketing. Two young Tampa entrepreneurs are leading the way to bringing in new customers for big businesses.

Prizecube.com is a customer acquisition program that allows users to earn free gifts like digital cameras, digital recorders and game consoles. Users simply log onto the website, refer as few as three friends, and complete an offer with one of Prizecube's affiliates.

"It literally can cost you nothing except a few minutes of your time," said Jason Carr who referred three friends to Prizecube.com and received a Microsoft Xbox. "It was easy. It was safe. I didn't have to buy anything and I received a game console that otherwise would have cost me $160."

Like Google and E-bay, both of which began as small internet businesses, Prizecube.com has become one of the fastest growing competitors in its market. In just two months, it's subscriber database has grown to 25,000 and the company shipped $20,000 worth of gifts in time for the Christmas holiday.

"The internet has brought us into a new age," said Farooq Mitha, one of Prizecube.com's young founders. "Like Google and E-bay, Prizecube gives users something for very little effort. And our affiliate businesses, who pay us, it's a real success because it costs them less to advertise. I think it's the wave of the future for marketing."

Some of Prizecube.com's affiliates include Blockbuster, USAToday and RealPlayer.


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