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Tales Runner

A "casual MMOARG" - and you might want to read on to find out what that stands for.

1. Game name : Tales Runner

2. Website : http://tr.nopp.co.kr/

3. Genre : Casual MOARG (Massivery Online Action Running Game)

4. Supporting Platform : H/W- PC

Minimum Requirements

CPU : Pentium 3 (800 mhz or higher)

VGA : Geforce 2 MAX (32 M or better)

RAM 128 Mb

Recommended Requirements

CPU : Pentium 4 (2GHZ or higher)

VGA : Geforce FX 5600 or better

RAM : 512 Mb

5. Game Synopsis

"Very, very beautiful and fantastic nation", a place that holds, and gives birth to every stories of the world, exists.

However, because people and children began to lose dream and hope, and do not even read fairytales, this country that runs by people's hope and dream, is under peril.

In order to save this place, King Henry opened 'Running competition'. This competition restores the innocence of the competitors by letting them to run in the fairytales and legends for real, and "Stone of wish", an artifact that will grant any wish for once, will be given to the winner. Now, the adventure of 'Tales Runners' is about to start.

6. Special features

- Not only the game's basic element, running, but many actions such as swimming, skiing, and magic-carpet ride are available.

- Unique game modes are supported, which includes 30-people competition and relay.

- It is for everyone, since the game does not include any violence.

- Educational elements such as math and English are connected with certain maps, proving the game's interest and educational effect at the same time.

- Users can enjoy the community systems such as mini-game, fortune teller, and broadcastings in the place called 'park'.

- Housing system is embodied through a personal inner-game space called 'Tales Farm'. Not only game, but other features such as decorating individuals' own space, and playing with friends, is also supported.

7. Current oversea service status of Global Game 'Tales Runner'

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand in 2006. China in 2007. US in 2008. Going beyond Asia, now advancing to North America region. Tales Runner's leap towards globalization, by broadening its service regions to worldwide, has just begun. Tales Runner's racing towards the world will continue.

8. Tales Runner's cases and reason for success in oversea services

- Easy and simple controls, cute characters, sound game features grasped the worldwide users' attention

- It built a strong base for success by going through thorough localization policies and support, which considered individual countries' cultures.

- Hong Kong 'Tales Runner' pulled down the lead of 'Audition', taking the 1st place after 6 months of service. It maintained its place for 32 weeks in a row.

- In Thailand, it took third place during its close-beta test, a good start for a close-beta. It was the result from the devoted cooperation and mutual support of 3 companies, NowCom, RaOn Entertainment, and TOT.

- It won Best Casual game award, Best Game Publisher award in the largest game exhibition of Thailand, 'Big Fest 2008 (Bangkok Interactive Game Festival 2008)'.

- Hong Kong Tales Runner won 'Best Publisher Award' in Best Digital Entertain part, in 'Hong Kong ICT Award 2008'.

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