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Tales of Pirates

Silver Mine guide.

In Tales of Pirates ( http://top.igg.com) there are always a lot of newbie players. What will they experience during their training? Will they find it tedious or challenging? Are there good places for them to level up quickly? Now we will be introducing a fairyland called the Silver Mine.

The Silver Mine has a total of 3 floors with different monsters on each floor. The BOSSes here range from Level 30 to Level 50, have low defense and are easy to attack, so it is a good place for players to train. Included in the Silver Mine there are BOSSes like the Level 31 Vampire Bat, Level 35 Miner Mole, and Level 36 Mud Monster. Players between Level 20 and Level 40 can go there to challenge these BOSSes. In addition to the level 31-36 BOSSes, players will also find in Silver Mine2 the greater BOSSes like the Level 38 Ninja Mole and the level 46 Pumpkin Knight. It is recommended for players’ Level 40+ to go challenge them in a team.

The curvy road in the Silver Mine makes it so difficult to navigate that it’s almost like a maze. Players should find the portals to the different floors, or they can directly access it by using the Ticket to the Silver Mine. In the Silver Mine players can collect much more useful items, including the Pumpkin Head, the Mushroom Soup, the Lantern, the Mole Claw, the Ninja Sword, and the Demon Wings.

The Silver Mine is like a garden of opportunity for newbie players’, they can level up very quickly, they can find a mentor to help them, and they can also find warmhearted friends. It is very convenient place for players especially, newbie players. So if you want to start a new game, why not come and experience the Silver Mine in

For more information about Tales of Pirates, please visit the official site http://top.igg.com .

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