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Tales of Fantasy

The Sentinel class arrives.

Sentinel :

“ Harm will never befall you while I have the strength to stand.”

A Protector - Wielding a massive shield in battle, Sentinel's are renowned for their mastery of the intricacies of shield use in combat; both offensively and defensively. They have never been known as warriors who deal enormous amounts of damage but they often strike when opponents least expect it, piercing defenses with pinpoint accuracy. With the highest defense and HP of all the classes, no one has ever been able to score a quick victory against one of them. This same vitality also makes them virtually indispensable when taking on BOSSes.

The Sentinel would be the perfect choice for these Constellations below:


Known for their steadfastness, loyalty, and the sense of security they give to others around them, these peace-loving warriors are often slow to anger, but unstoppable once provoked. Seemingly harmless on the outside, those who know know better than to test a Sentinel’s strength.


With a calm exterior masking underlying currents of passion, Cancers will most certainly search out their own distinct path in Tales of Fantasy. Because they often walk the path less traveled, and can be fiercely independent, many choose to become either a Sentinel or a Priest. Their unfaltering loyalty and dedication to the well being of those around them make them truly indispensable allies in combat and in general.


Scorpios are not typically gamers, but if something catches their eye, they go after it with a passion. Which happens to be the exact type of player we cherish in Tales of Fantasy. From the roars of players charging into battle, to the wild PvP and competitions on offer, this is a place that brims with passion and excitement. For Sentinels, passion is not exactly a preferred trait, but its not discouraged either. Put to good use, it offers an exciting twist on a class that usually features more stoic heroes.

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