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Tales of Fantasy

Horse racing event scheduled for tomorrow.

Get your saddles ready, Tales of Fantasy players! On 27th August at 4:00 AM EDT (GMT-4), ToF team will hold an exciting horse racing event for all. Whether you’re a lowbie, high-level veteran, or anything in between, you can ride in a balanced competition that is fair for all. It’s a pure test of speed and your ability to maneuver your horse across the land of Elterra. Even the game’s GMs will be taking part in the race without their speed buffs!

When the event begins, players will need to register at the NPC located in each respective main city to take part in the race. Each player will receive a Race Horse after accepting the quest. The color of the horse is completely random and will yield no additional attributes or abilities. The Race Horse will last for an hour, corresponding to the time limit for the race.

Don’t forget to check out what the horse racing NPCs have to offer in terms of perks and nifty items for the race. They may have just what you need to get ahead and claim one of the top prizes. All participants are entitled to 10,000 EXP points for completing the quest, but the first three to do so will also receive a personal gift from the GMs.

Visit http://tof.igg.com/guide/?cat_id=79,83 on the official Tales of Fantasy site for more information about the horse racing event. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn about IGG’s growing family of games.

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