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Tales of Fantasy

Closed beta about to get under way.

The game version for Closed Beta has been improved with new maps and new instances highlighting a host of new features.

We strongly recommend players to check out the remarkable Level 40 Instance, The Lone Knight, which consists of 5 different stages, each protected by a particular BOSS. Witness the grandeur of ancient battlefields, coupled with intense, realistic combat!

With the release of Closed Beta, the highly anticipated Horse Racing event will also becomes available. And we've got some good news – there is no level limit!

Apart from the obvious joy and adrenaline rush from pitting oneself against others in a horse race, the rewards are equally enticing – titles and fabulous rewards await the winners of this special event, not to mention the fame that comes with being announced the winner in the World Channel.

Apart from the events mentioned above, simply join the fun in Tales of Fantasy to receive a free Level 25 mount. Check the contest page http://tof.igg.com/event/knight/mount.php

Please note that this mount will be available to the first character in any account that approaches the Reward NPC and each account can only redeem one mount.

Finally, don’t forget to update game client from V 0.1.31 to V 0.1.42 for Closed Beta!

You can download V 0.1.42 at the below link: http://tof.igg.com/download/client.php


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