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Take to the skies in WWII’s fiercest fighters in Heroes of the Pacific.

See the most devastating fighters and bombers from the US and Japanese air forces in action with the new video from www.codemasters.co.uk/heroes

Are you ready to become a combat fighter ace and fly directly into World War II's most incredible airborne battles? It's nearly time to take off with Heroes of the PacificTM, coming this September for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

Heroes of the Pacific puts you in the cockpit of a massive variety of authentic US and Japanese military aircraft with the speed and firepower to blaze a trail of death across the skies. See them in action in the new video now available online at www.codemasters.co.uk/heroes

Ahead of take off, first choose your skill level - from Rookie, Pilot, Veteran and all the way up to Ace - and it's on to the mission briefing. Then it's time to pick the plane that you'll be executing both the mission in and the enemy with.

From the plane selection screens - shown in classic Americana design style of the 1940s - you'll get to choose from the most relevant aircraft for the mission ahead.

There are four classes of planes to defend Uncle Sam with: Fighters, for when speed and agility count the most, Dive Bombers that rain hell from the skies above, Torpedo Bombers so you can hit 'em where it hurts, and Bombers with heavy armament for maximum impact.

Heroes of the Pacific delivers authentic handling across all its aircraft from the US, Allied and Japanese forces. Thanks to a careful balance of real-world physics, flight dynamics and historical accuracy, you'll really notice the difference in flying a P-80 Shooting Star, the US Air Force's first operational jet fighter, to a massive H8K Emily, the Japanese flying boat.

The US fighter planes - including the P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, and the P-47 Thunderbolt - provide immense speed and firepower to hunt down your enemy with and let rip with a burst of machine gun fire.

The more agile Japanese fighters, including the A6M Zero with its exceptional handling, may out manoeuvre your attacks; so be prepared to employ hit-and-run dog fighting tactics.

As the war progresses, you'll engage in more torpedo and dive-bombing attacks, requiring accurate flying and a good aim to make a direct hit.

There's the TBF Avenger, a massively stable and strong torpedo bomber, and the SBD Dauntless, perhaps the most famous diver-bomber and responsible for sinking four Japanese carriers at Midway. For the best of both bombers, there's the B-25 Mitchell, usable both as a traditional bomber and a heavy ground attack aircraft.

As you win battles through the Pacific campaign, you can upgrade most aircraft and, with everything unlocked, you'll have over 85 unique warplanes to pilot! Always remember, the enemy are on the way so choose your plane wisely; it's your decision that will decide how the war is won or lost.

The war has begun, the aircraft await and the Allies want you to give the enemy what for in Heroes of the PacificTM coming this September for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. Take to the skies with the new video, now available from the game's website at www.codemasters.co.uk/heroes


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