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Table Soccer X

Coming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games in October.


KOŠICE, Slovakia – 24.9.2010 – Slovakian developer company 3Division states release date and price of its latest game called Table Soccer X for Xbox 360, which will mean a revolution in understanding of table soccer on consoles. The game will be released in October this year through Xbox Live Indie Games and it will cost only 240 Microsoft Points.


Sneak peak about game:

Table Soccer X thanks to its great graphics and superior gameplay will offer you a very realistic experience of playing table soccer (foosball), especially thanks to its revolutionary controls, which were never used in games like this. The game is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Beginners can easily learn how to play the game and experienced players will appreciate sophisticated controls with awesome gameplay. The game includes 9 levels single player mode as well as multiplayer mode, which can be play up to 4 players simultaneously. By passing various levels you can unlock new tables and game difficulty, but increasing rank from amateur to professional will not be easy at all, thanks to a perfectly sophisticated AI.

Key features:

- superior gameplay and great graphics

- comprehensive tutorial mode that teaches you how to play

- up to 9 levels single player mode

- multiplayer up to 4 players

- fully adjustable AI opponent

Price and availability:

Table Soccer Game X comes in October 2010 via Xbox Live India Games and it will cost only 240 Microsoft points.  

Official facebook fanpage:



Official website:



Press Kit (Screenshots & Box Art):



Debut trailer on youtube (not showing all overall quality of the game!):



Debut trailer download (not showing all overall quality of the game!):




Press release HTML:



About 3Division:

3Division is a development company dedicated to developing games for PC, Xbox and Playstation. Our company was founded in Košice (Slovakia) in 2003 with a constant objective – to create high-end games.

Our first game was an action flight game called Air Conflicts, whose story is set during World War II. The game was released worldwide in early 2006.

In 2007 came a further flight action game, this time entitled as Attack on Pearl Harbor. The game was based on previous game. Company Legend Entertainment took care about the worldwide distribution.

From 2008 until now we working on 2 projects designed for the Nintendo Wii platform with a company 3DPeople: WWII Aces and Pearl Harbor: the Trilogy.

Our latest project is table soccer game called Table Soccer X, designed for Xbox 360 platform.




Dragan Stojakovic

PR & Marketing Manager

E-mail: dragan@3division.net

Tel.:       +421 908 985 153


Peter Adamcík


E-mail:  peto@3division.net

Tel.:       +421 908 340 381


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