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'Sypher' - Black Ops With An Attitude!

27th March 2007

BIO-WEAPONS are poised at key cities around the globe, ready to launch and destroy if demands made by a group called 'The Underworld' are not met. The government enlist a black-ops agent to infiltrate the known bases occupied by the terrorists.

Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited (D2D) is pleased to announce Sypher, a first person shooter (FPS) with strong spy 'em up elements, an explosive twisting storyline and a world on the brink of a war of nuclear proportions.

Developed by StarFish Game Studios, the wholly owned subsidiary of D2D, players will take the role of (codename) Sypher, a sassy black-ops agent, with more '00' than 007!

Power and wealth drives 'The Underworld', 'total control of all living things' is its mantra. The organisation has been working on its master plan, and is now ready to unleash its wrath on any nation that doesn't comply with its demands. How these weapons came into terrorist hands is unknown, but it's the player's job to take down the weapon-key masters - one by one - and uncover a plot that runs deeper than anyone expected.

"This game puts you in the shoes of a spy trying to save the world - again! How you save it is up to you. Stealth and cunning or a 'sod-the-lot-of-'em' attitude, it's your choice," said Neil Cotton, Publishing Director at D2D Games.

"We're packing the levels with weapons galore to satisfy the frag-fanatics out there, but alternative routes can be found to give super-spies the chance to sneak their way around too. StarFish studios have devised another great title at that all important pocket pleasing (!) budget price. Sypher is scheduled for release later on this year (Q3)."

Sypher will be competitively priced at RRP £9.99 and will be specially priced to the trade for good use in store campaigns.

D2D holds a global licence on Sypher, but will begin by publishing in the UK with other territories to follow very soon after.

A further 16 budget/campaign priced titles are yet to be announced by D2D and have been scheduled by StarFish Game Studios for release under the Level Play brand during the latter part of 2007.




Sypher - PC CDROM

RRP - £9.99/Campaign

Release - Q3 2007

Genre: FPS

Notes to the Editor:

Media Contact : Neil Cotton, T: 01773 599120 or M: 07962 039 469

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