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Manoeuvre balls by swiping the iPhone's screen.


Bellevue, Washington - April 14, 2010 - Tozai Games is pleased to announce the debut of Sync-Ball-an engaging new puzzle game experience for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad-which is now available for purchase and download from the iTunes App Store for just $ .99


Sync-Ball's concept and the game's mechanics are simple to grasp. From two to four balls move synchronously when the player taps or swipes the screen in any of four directions. The goal is to maneuver the balls from their starting positions on an orbital platform so that they fall into the level's goals all at the same time. Achieving that result requires players to position the balls strategically, utilizing walls and the platform's unique shape while avoiding losing a ball off the edge into deep space.


"The learning curve is pretty gentle," explains Tozai Games President, Sheila Boughten. "We tested Sync-Ball with gamers and non-gamers. And everyone seemed to get it within just a few moves."

Sync-Ball's designer, Brett Ballow, is known for creating challenging, puzzle-filled games, such as the critically acclaimed Lode Runner for Xbox LIVE Arcade published last year. But he describes his latest creation as, "a stress-free challenge, because there's no time limit or penalty for restarting a level as often as you want. On the other hand, as you progress to later levels and contend with three then four balls at a time, the challenge really picks up. And with eight stages and 80 levels in the game, there are plenty of times when even the best puzzle players will be stumped...at least for a little while, I hope."


DigiPen Corp. employees and undergraduate students provided coding and art production services for the creation of Sync-Ball. This project marks the first time that DigiPen has partnered with a game publisher to create a commercial product.

"Our concentrated involvement in the development of 'Sync-Ball' underscores our ongoing commitment to producing versatile interactive experiences for a number of industries and platforms, as well as offering good career opportunities for our graduates, some of whom were involved in the development of this game. It was our pleasure to partner with Tozai, and we are thrilled by the success of this collaboration. We look forward to working with Tozai and creating more opportunities like this in the future." - Samir Abou Samra, CTO of DigiPen Corp.


Sync-Ball can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sync-ball/id356277312?mt=8 and played on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile devices.

Sync-Ball is published for worldwide distribution by Tozai Games.

Further information can be found online at http://www.sync-ball.com/

You can keep up-to-date on Sync-Ball and Tozai Games' upcoming projects, on the Tozai Games Facebook page at


and on Twitter http://twitter.com/TozaiGames.

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