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Sword of the Stars out now in the UK

HAARLEM-The Netherlands- September 8th 2006 -Lighthouse Interactive today announced that its groundbreaking 4x strategy game Sword of the Stars is available on UK shelves at Game, HMV, Amazon.co.uk, Play.com, Gamestation, Virgin and all other independent retailers.

In about two weeks time, the game will also hit the streets in many other territories like France, Spain and Germany.

About Sword Of The Stars

Sword of the Stars is a breakthrough 4X Strategy game brought to you by the core team behind the highly acclaimed title, Home World: Cataclysm. Sword of the Stars returns gamers to the action-packed roots of the 4X genre with some new twists, including a 3D starmap and real-time combat resolution in a 3D environment!

Playing as one of 4 unique races, gamers will explore planets, research new technologies and create empires in a hostile universe where weakness means extinction and only the strongest will survive. Sword of the Stars provides quick, intuitive play, state-of-the-art graphics and tactical combat that make the game instantly involving and rewardingly fun.

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About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a fast growing publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in Haarlem, The Netherlands and Montreal, Canada. Lighthouse's titles include the critically acclaimed adventure title "Keepsake," the highly anticipated 4X strategy hybrid "Sword of the Stars," and the revolutionary sim "Ship Simulator 2006". Staffed with industry veterans and with offices in key locations around the world, Lighthouse is a strong alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

For more information about Lighthouse Interactive visit: www.lighthouse-interactive.com

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