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Sudden Attack

Apparently the biggest online FPS in Korea and Japan, and now has global ambitions.

Despite its late start in Korean Online FPS market in 2005, 'Sudden attack' leaped over 'Special Force' with its quick and speedy characteristic and community system. Now, Sudden attack is favored by the largest number of users in FPS market. Moving on with the success in Korea, Sudden attack took 1st place in Japanese online FPS market share after servicing a year in Japan, and keeps on putting effort to advance into global market, such as China, Taiwan and Brazil.

TITLE : Sudden Attack

GENRE : Online FPS



SERVICE TYPE : F2P, Microtransaction

1. Quick FPS

For the first time in Korean FPS games, Sudden attack takes less than 3 minutes for installing and start playing. Also, users can join games without waiting for a new start.

2. Community-Inclined

Sudden attack supports various chatting modes, macros and firm clan system, which enables users to play continuously without losing interest.

3. Low-requirements, High-quality graphics

Compared with other FPS games, Sudden attack requires relatively low system for playing, while showing high quality graphics.

4. Quick updates

The updates for new maps and firearms are done in monthly pace, which provides new interests to users continuously.

5. Simple rules and easy controls

Even the beginner users who play FPS for the first time can easily adopt into the game, and the game allows users to concentrate easy through its easy interfaces.

6. Supports various game modes

Sudden attack supports various game modes, such as Demolition missions, Capturing, Team death match, Confiscate, providing various interests to users.

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