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Substance Air

Texturing tool available now.

For Immediate Release

May 7, 2009

CLERMONT-FERRAND, France - May 7, 2009 - With more games moving online and digital distribution becoming an increasingly important business strategy for publishers, improving visual quality and allowing user-generated content while containing client size and broadening the audience has become a critical challenge. Allegorithmic, an emerging 3D technology company developing advanced texturing tools for real-time 3D content creation, is filling this immediate market need through the worldwide availability of Substance Air.

A new texturing middleware poised to redefine the development and distribution of rich content for online, retail and downloadable games (MMOs, Free2Play and XBLA/PSN), Substance Air was created to help game developers generate and customize assets that are lightweight, dynamic and infinitely versatile.

"Substance Air was specifically designed with both the game developer and end user in mind," said Dr. Sebastien Deguy, founder and CEO of Allegorithmic. "Not only does Substance Air offer high-quality texture generation in a few kilobytes, these textures can easily be modified for the players, allowing for some of the most advanced user-generated content appearing in games today."

In addition to the ability to generate detailed graphics that fit in a few kilobytes and a procedural base that allows developers to create an infinite number of variations within a given game, Substance Air also offers an exciting hybrid approach to creating textures that allows customers to easily mix procedural maps together with SVGs and bitmaps.

"From a technical artist's standpoint, dynamic textures offer a tremendous amount of creativity without the constraint of rewriting shaders every time," says Fred Moreau, a Substance Air beta tester from Veloce Interactive. "In short, Substance Air, with its non-linear approach, finds no match in the industry."

Pricing and Availability

Substance Air Evaluation Kits are available starting today and can be requested at http://www.allegorithmic.com/?PAGE=PRODUCTS.substance. Pricing models vary based on the type of game and gaming platform. For more information, please contact the company's headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France at +33 4 73 34 70 80, or visit www.allegorithmic.com.

About Allegorithmic

Founded in 2003 and based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Allegorithmic is an emerging leader in the 3D effects industry. The company specializes in creating advanced authoring software and middleware that is designed to simplify the process of creating high-quality textures for next-generation content developers. The company's two flagship products are Substance and ProFX. Allegorithmic has partnered with some of the industry's leading games and technology companies, including Epic Games, NCsoft, The9, Acony Games, Ready at Dawn, Emergent Games Technologies and Microsoft. For more information on Allegorithmic and its products, please visit www.allegorithmic.com.

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