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Stunning Real Time Strategy Game "Sparta – Ancient Wars" unveiled

Cologne, February 11, 2005

Sparta is for sure one of the legendary cities of ancient times and home of the mighty and fearless Spartans. Everyone has heard of the storied legend from the war against Troy, where hero Achilles fought a great battle. But someone might know more details from history or Latin at school, than from the movies. Many battles were held against other races around Peleponnes, to guide Sparta to the leading power around the Mediterranean Sea.

IMC is proud to announce a brand new real time strategy game on behalf of a veiled international known development team.

Based on the historical background of Spartans high culture, there will appear huge ancient battles on your screen, enabled by a brand new stunning 3D engine.

The well known Persian Wars will be only a part of a long and amazing journey through the ancient ages of war. In more than 30 diversified and wide missions "Sparta - Ancient wars" will tell a bold and tense storyline to bring the old times back to life again. Three campaigns from different perceptions tell a tale of martial conflicts, diplomatic manoeuvres and familiar tragedies. The rise and fall of legendary races and mighty heroes will catch all your attention.

"Sparta - Ancient Wars" will push the scale of graphics and game play to the next level, thanks to the brand new high-end "Ancient Wars" 3D engine. It supports all Direct X 9 features and graphics at the same quality level as shooters (maybe a bit too much. We surely can not can not compare to HL2 and Doom 3) have today. This was never seen before in real time strategy games! In addition, "Sparta - Ancient Wars" will feature realistic game play and well-balanced battles with many different units. All of them will be able to walk on land, ride on horses or travel on mighty battleships, to deliver stunning battle scenes with no unit limitations on water and on land! Additional brand new innovative features will be unveiled later.

"Sparta - Ancient Wars" is only the first part of a planed series named "Ancient Wars". Its main goal is to deliver innovative and high quality real time strategy based on historical events and timelines, and not to feature myths or legends.

Further information on the development team, the brand new innovative features and more screenshots & artwork of "Sparta - Ancient Wars" will be released in the next few weeks, prior to GDC and E3. First playable scenes will be shown to interested editors behind closed doors at this year's E3 in Los Angeles.


  • Real time strategy game, orientated on historic timeline
  • Revolutionary "Ancient Wars" 3D Engine providing many innovative features
  • Three campaigns with different races
  • More than 30 stunning missions
  • Awesome directed battles without a limitation of unit numbers
  • Fighting at sea and on land

Name: Sparta - Ancient Wars

Genre: Real time strategy

Platform: PC/CD-ROM (DVD-ROM)

Release: 2006

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