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Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict

23 August 2010 --- The latest patch for Furysoftware's Strategic Command WW2 Global Conflict, v1.03 is here! More than a hundred improvements, fixes and tweaks to both the game engine as well as the editor - many based on feedback from the fan community forums and email - make this one of the biggest patches for one of the biggest grand strategy games out there.

Some of the biggest changes (just to name a few) are: -

NEW! 1.03 New Submarine movement rules for hidden subs

- NEW! 1.03 New convoy 'Raider' setting for Battleships

- Improved AI and turn speed

- New Submarine and Destroyer rules for better handling of surprise enemy contact, diving and naval combat

- New Fighter interception modeling with double intercepts of enemy Bombers and Tactical Bombers.

Click here to jump directly to the Patches page http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=255&Itemid=401

Official game website http://www.battlefront.com/global

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