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Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg

New patch for the Patton Drives East expansion, and a new demo to showcase it.

Today we are happy to offer the first patch for the Strategic Command 2 expansion, Patton Drives East. This exciting new expansion explores the various what-if's of an alternate outcome to the events of World War 2 including how a war between Stalin's armies and the Allies would play out.

This patch is packed full of new improvements to the main game and editor. It also includes a new Video Acceleration setting to help those with slow map scroll speeds. The patch is 171 Megabytes in size.

The SC2 Patton Drives East Patches page:


In addition to the new v1.01 Patch is a newly updated game Demo. The demo is 141 Megabytes in size and reflects the changes and additions that went into the 1.01 upgrade.

The SC2 Patton Drives East Demo page:



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