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Star Wars MMO users post 3 million levels

Player-driven content hits major milestone after just over a month

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that players of its classic MMO title, Star Wars Galaxies, have created over 3 million quests since the user-gen functionality was added to the game a little over a month ago.

The update, called Chronicles, allows players to generate their own missions, which can include plot lines featuring some of the key characters from the original trilogy of films, with one player alone posting over 6000 missions for others to play.

Star Wars Galaxies is also now available to download in full from Steam and Direct2Drive, the company added.

The game, first released in 2003 after a series of delays, has been one of SOE's most successful MMO titles of the past few years, and will continue to be playable after the release of the BioWare-developed and EA-published Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO which is set for release next year.

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