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Star Rangers

3D iPhone space strategy shooter available at $.99 for just one day only: today!

For Immediate Release

November 29, 2009 - ANALOGretro, LLC. has just announced that Star Rangers, the critically-acclaimed 3D space shooter strategy game will be on sale for only $.99 on November 30, 2009 as a special Cyber Monday promotion.

“The team has built an outstanding game that will appeal to fans of space battles, shooters, and strategy games. We are offering the full version at this promotional price because we are looking for more people to enjoy it, talk about it, and help us make it even better.” – Lee Pappas, ANALOGretro founder and Star Rangers lead game designer.

Star Rangers is a graphically intense first-person 3D space battle game with equal parts action and strategy. As you fly through the galaxy, defending your starbases from waves of enemy ships only your skills, strategy and speed will save you against the game’s advanced enemy AI. Protect your starbases, destroy the enemy and earn up to 18 achievement medals as you rise through the ranks of the Star Rangers!

OpenFeint* Leaderboards and Achievements! Though Star Rangers is a very past-paced game, strategy is needed to conserve resources to unlock achievements, achieve higher scores and a higher rank. Compare your score to other players and even issue a challenge to a friend to play the exact scenario you just completed!

Free updates coming soon include:

• Multiplayer co-op

• New mission scenarios

• Additional medals

Track us on Twitter for further Star Rangers developments and game hints at:


For more information, screenshots, forums, and video visit http://www.analogretro.com/StarRangers/

Free OpenFeint account needed for worldwide Leaderboard, Challenges, game comparisons, and chat.


About ANALOGretro LLC.

ANALOGretro, LLC is a new iPhone development “dream team” consisting of industry veterans with experience dating back to the dawn of video games. Leveraging their expertise and experience in games and graphics design, and fueled by their passion for great games that began nearly three decades ago, they have assembled to craft a new generation of game experiences.

Key Team Members:

• Tom Hudson – Game designer and 3D graphics programmer. Tom was co-creator of AutoDesk’s 3D Studio Max, the most widely used 3D content creation software in the world

• Jon Bell – Award winning graphics designer and visual effects artist for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV, History.com and others. Jon was also involved with the making of The Abyss and Terminator 2.

• Lee H. Pappas – Lead game designer, sound FX creator, and game play testing. Lee Pappas is a leading video game magazine publisher and industry analyst. (He founded ANALOG Computing, VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, TurboPlay, and other consumer electronics publications.)

All 3 members worked together in the 1980’s on ANALOG Computing Magazine, the leading publication for Atari Computers owners. ANALOG is considered one of the top computer magazines of all time and still enjoys a cult fan following with dedicated websites all over the world. All 3 originally met at a sci-fi convention, and their knowledge and passion for sci-fi carries over to Star Rangers.

For more information contact:

Lee Pappas, leehp@analogretro.com

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