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Square Enix to publish LostWinds 2 in Japan

Publisher partnership extended for Frontier game sequel

Frontier has announced it has partnered once again with Square Enix for the release of LostWinds sequel Winter of the Melodias in Japan.

The game will be released in the country on December 22.

"We're very pleased to be joining forces again with Square Enix to bring the sequel to gamers in Japan and Asia." said David Braben, Frontier's chairman and founder

"We're excited to see gamers' reaction to the incredible new gameplay mechanics such as Season Switching, the all-new, expansive, beautiful settings and the story of Toku and Enril the Wind Spirit’s and adventure to save Toku’s mother."

The original LostWinds won several awards and garnered critical acclaim when launched in May last year, and the sequel - released in the UK in October - has been received as positively.

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