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Square Enix revenues up by a third

Dragon Quest, Batman and Kingdom Hearts perform well; profits down on restructuring

Square Enix has reported its latest set of financial results showing a strong growth in revenues for the six months to the end of September 30, up 33.2 per cent to JPY 90.6 billion (USD 1 billion) compared to JPY 68.0 (USD 752 million) in the same period last year.

Sales were driven by good performances from Kingdom Hearts 365/2, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Dragon Quest IX - which was the top-selling game in the third quarter across Japan, the US and UK combined.

But despite strong sales of games, the company posted a profit of just JPY 2.6 billion (USD 28.7 million), down 55.7 per cent on last year's number due to business restructuring, with the estimated headcount reduction expected to hit around 10 per cent by the end of the year.

Earnings per share were also down as a result to JPY 23.32 (26 cents) - although profit for the full year is expected to be up 57.9 per cent at JPY 10 billion (USD 110.5 million).

Of the overall numbers, the company's videogame segment brought in the most revenue at JPY 48.4 billion (USD 535 million), with operating income at JPY 10.4 billion (USD 114.9 million).

As expected, the majority of sales were in Japan, with revenues there hitting JPY 71.6 billion (USD 791.0 million), while Europe placed second on JPY 13.7 billion (USD 151.4 million), the US third on JPY 12.2 billion (USD 134.8 million) and Asia last on JPY 206 million (USD 2.28 million).

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