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iPhone puzzler launched with half of royalties to be shared with top-scoring players.

Monday, 22 February 2010…. PuzzleKings is delighted to announce a unique contest to celebrate the launch of its new game Sqramble which will result in half the royalties going to players recording the top 3 scores in the hard mode of the game.

Sqramble is an ingenious sliding puzzle for the iPhone that makes its players think like no other. The game consists of a 4*4 grid of squares that are sqrambled and must then be restored to normal, like the famous Rubiks® Cube, by sliding rows and columns in the grid.

In easy mode there are 4 different coloured squares and 331,276 permutations while in hard (numbered) mode there are over 21 trillion permutations of the grid. This explains why the game is so challenging and why it will be a real achievement to win a prize in this contest.

“I think this is a unique way of launching a uniquely addictive game which nobody has ever done before, because the more people who buy the game, the greater the challenge and the greater the prize” said Nalin Sharma, the award-winning game designer behind Sqramble.

Scores are derived by multiplying the number of moves by the time taken to solve the puzzle, so lower scores are better. This contest runs until Friday 30th April 2010 and the prizes are as follows:

• 1st Prize is 25% of net royalties received from sales of this game

• 2nd Prize is 15% of the net royalties

• 3rd Prize is 10% of the net royalties

Sharma goes on to say: “Sqramble will appeal to people who love to think and be challenged by brain teasers and games like Sudoku and Rubiks® Cube and it is designed in harmony with the functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch. I hope that the contest enables people to discover a game that they will truly enjoy and give them a lot of pleasure”.

Sqramble is available at this link on the AppStore within iTunes.

For more information and full contest rules visit the Sqramble web site at www.sqramble.com

Contact Details: Nalin Sharma Email: support@sqramble.com


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