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Spirit Fever

Web-based management game where cheerleaders do your bidding.

For immediate release

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 30th 2009. Independent game designer and cheerleader Joëlle Krummenacher announces Spirit Fever, the first free

competitive cheerleading management game on the Internet. As of January 30th 2009, Spirit Fever is in closed beta. The official launch will take place in April, just in time for the cheerleading world competition.

Spirit Fever is a Persistent Browser-Based Game, where squad leaders play each day to improve cheerleading skills and progress through the game. Spirit Fever players decide what cheerleading skill or activity to practice to increase the team level. Each practice element involves a mini-game that trains the player’s speed, comparison, calculation, and memory skills. Spirit Fever‘s goal is to train the cheerleaders and use their skills to compete against other players. The Spirit Fever site

will also offer a variety of mini-games and a massive library of cheerleading videos and photos. Spirit Fever is the only Internet game where teenagers can safely learn about cheerleading while playing.

Feedback from the testers demonstrates a huge amount of enthusiasm for the title. "Spirit Fever is the most amazing game. It's so much fun. You get to hold tryouts, practice stunting, tumbling, and jumps, just like in real life! Even If you’re not a cheerleader you will fall in love with this game" said Hannah Buege, USA.

The Spirit Fever game puts forward the athletic elements of cheerleading. Unlike other games, it focuses on the competitive aspect of this sport while providing practice of stunts, jumps, and tumbling, as opposed to only focusing on dance and motions.

“Here in Switzerland, cheerleading is not very popular or developed. The lack of free games about cheerleading, as well as my passion for this sport in a country where it is virtually unknown, are the factors which led me to start my own game” says game creator Joëlle Krummenacher. Though the logical market for a cheerleading game is the USA, Spirit Fever will be available from the start in close to 10 different languages to ensure its global reach.

Spirit Fever is completely free to play. However, premium services and exclusive virtual items will be offered for a small fee. Spirit Fever has partnered with Flareware Cheer to offer a shop with merchandise and real cheerleading uniforms like the ones in the game. Spirit Fever also offers the opportunity for companies in the cheerleading industry to place their product or services in the game.

About Spirit Fever developers:

Spirit Fever has been independently developed since November 2006 and is designed and produced by Joëlle Krummenacher, and programmed by Florian Glardon. Freelance artist Tina Pua’a has lent her creative skills to the project, and a multitude of cheerleading enthusiasts from around the world are volunteering their time and talent to test and translate the

self-funded game.

Spirit Fever Contact:

Joëlle Krummenacher

Tel: +41 78 660 68 22

Email: joelle@spirit-fever.com

Link to game screenshots: www.spirit-fever.com/press.php

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