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Spector plans spirtual successor to Deus Ex

Eidos refused to sell him game rights, but "there are still Deus Ex stories I would like to tell," says game's creator

Warren Spector has revealed that he tried, unsuccessfully, to reacquire the rights to Deus Ex from Eidos, and was subsequently working on a science fiction themed game prior to his studio's purchase by Disney.

"There were, and still are, Deus Ex stories I would like to tell. That story is not done for me," the veteran designer told Variety.

His studio, Junction Point, had previously been working on two unannounced projects, he said.

One was "a big, big fantasy game that I had been wanting to do for about 15 years. My wife and I created a world and a whole story arc for DC comics. They decided not to pick it up. I loved this world and the characters we had created."

The other was, he hinted, a spiritual successor to Deus Ex with a science fiction theme. Its development began after Spector was unsuccessful in his bid to reacquire the rights to Deus Ex from Eidos.

Neither game has been canned however, he said. When Disney bought Junction Point in 2007, it also acquired the rights to the titles.

Spector added that while he didn't join Disney with plans to work on a Mickey Mouse game, he's enjoying working on a licensed title. Disney has given him a loose leash, he said, although admits one or two of his ideas have been dismissed after going too far.

He said he was "completely stunned" that his hardcore fanbase reacted enthusiastically to the announcement he was making Epic Mickey. "I've been donning my armour and girding my loins and getting ready for battle."

Following Epic Mickey he adds he would like to incorporate Wii Motion Plus into a sequel. However, his next project could be an original one and not a licence.

"I'm certainly open to doing more licenses, but one of the things that Disney is about is creating things that can translate into new media. So I think a 'balanced diet' is a good thing."

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