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Spark City

Virtual world for "tween" girls.

Spark City, the all-new virtual world for tween girls, has arrived. Now available to play as a limited-time open beta, the world extends the AllGirlArcade.com gaming community and invites girls to enter a bustling futuristic metropolis that is theirs to explore.

Spark City is a thriving world that is based around socialization, activities, and an in-game economy. The more girls participate, play games and interact, the more gems they earn. Collected gems allow girls to hit the mall and buy everything from new furniture for their apartments, to gifts for their friends.

From the spa to the Arcade, to the upcoming pet shop, which allows players to choose and train a pet for their avatar , girls are encouraged to see the sights, meet new friends, and participate in any of a wide variety of exciting activities and challenges. Free to shape their own environments, kids in Spark City can customize their characters and acquire a personal apartment, which they can decorate and make their own. Players can constantly expand on their experience with the gems they win by succeeding at the variety of casual games spread across the world, and can challenge friends to multiplayer matches of the many games.

The world is tied to Fuel Industries’ All Girl Star Squad property, which focuses on the adventures of three video game superstars and their intergalactic friends as they foil a sinister fire queen’s plan to dominate Earth. Kids can learn more and open their free accounts at www.allgirlarcade.com/sparkcity.

Key Facts

• Constantly growing world set in a gleaming futuristic metropolis

• Customizable avatars, personal in-game spaces, and a mall for expanding the experience

• Girls find online games by exploring, and win in-game currency by playing

• Revolutionary chat system allows girl to communicate freely yet safely

For more information, please contact:

Nick Iannitti - Director of Communications

nick@fuelindustries.com - 613-818-3560

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