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Space Pirates From Tomorrow

More testing in progress as release approaches.

London, 3rd December 2009

MStar Games ( www.mstargames.co.uk) are pleased to announce that Space Pirates from Tomorrow is currenty passing through release testing with an even bigger playing area - players now have 9,000 star systems to explore, giving an estimated gameplay time of more than 2000 hours, if players undertake a single mission in each system. This represents a value of 0.21 Microsoft Points per hour of gameplay!

DrMistry explains his desire to make the game even bigger. "We caused quite a stir with our last press release, and we did't want folk thinking we were pulling thier legs. In the last stage of internal testing, a couple of minor bugs were found, and we took the oppertunity to pack even more systems in. We're not in the business of making idle boasts, and it was a relatively easy win which adds even more value to the game."

Unphased by the publicity and attention generated by the earlier press release, MStar Games are keen to assure the many interested gamers and reviewers that we're well on our way to release - but not "at any cost".

"Release testing is exactly that - is the game fit for release and robust enough to stand up to real world gaming? If not, only an idiot would release it. If any bugs get discovered, we fix 'em before the user sees 'em, even if that means delaying release," says DrMistry.

"There's no such thing as Launch Commited unless the game is 100% ready to go. But we're confident that the wait is almost over."

Video trails for Space Pirates are now available on the MStar Games UK YouTube channel.


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