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Space Giraffe

Standing tall at GamersGate.

We are continuing to extend the availability of this quite frankly awesome PC game, and have added GamersGate to the liost of portal sites from which it can be downloaded.

The GamersGate download page for Space Giraffe may be found here:


You can also find the game on Direct2Drive here:


You can find it on Steam here:


And of course you can find it on the Llamasoft website at


We are delighted to have our game distributed by these excellent portal sites and look forward to finally being able to eat more than just ramen noodles and stale bread and no longer having to go out begging on the cold, harsh streets of Carmarthen town.


It's been abused, suppressed, slandered and maligned - but in truth it's one of the most distinctive, beautiful and original games of the 21st century.

"92%, ***** Must Buy" - PC Gamer

It presents itself as a shooter, but if you look beyond the surface there is a wealth of depth and strategy to be uncovered.

"It balances the risk, the reward and the signals so perfectly that it's either sheer luck or complete genius" - PC Gamer

Trust me, it's not just luck.

"I am bubbling with enthusiasm for it, such that I could only give it a 10/10." - Jonathan Blow (developer of "Braid")

Space Giraffe blends strategy, shooting and synaesthesia into a unique experience that will take you on a trance journey like no other.

"Space Giraffe offers enemies and experiences that are actually, honestly new." - PC Gamer

The extended PC release of Space Giraffe features 100 new levels and many enhancements over the original Xbox 360 release.

"If you want to show the world that great, innovative games are what you want, download this today. 90/100" - X360 Magazine UK

Space Giraffe is unique, challenging but fair, and the reward for mastering it is nothing less than full-on spiritual enlightenment and a full purge of all your thetans.

"Space Giraffe is simple-looking game with a surprisingly steep learning curve, but the payoff for mastery is one of the most fun and challenging arcade shooters in years. 5/5" - GotNext

Take the Space Giraffe Challenge! Download Space Giraffe and play through from level 1 to level 100. If by the time you reach the end your aura isn't beautiful and your third eye isn't wide open, I will personally make you a cup of tea.

Space Giraffe. It's awesome. Buy it.

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