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Sony details Go!View bundles

PSP retail offers to come with two month vouchers for the video-on-demand service

Sony has announced two Go!View retail bundle deals that offer free time with the PlayStation Portable's video-on-demand service - coming to retailers on May 8.

Currently, new PSP users who register at the Go!View website receive a free month long subscription to the service, however, the new retail bundles will include a voucher for an additional two months.

"With true mobility and the high-quality screen, PSP delivers a great on-the-move video experience," commented Alison Turner, general manager, Go!View Entertainment UK. "Go!View on PSP offers a quality range of programming that ensures PSP owners are getting the best service on-the-go and on-demand."

The first Go!View retail pack will cost GBP 149.99 and includes a black PSP3000, a 2Gb memory stick, a mini-USB cable and the Go!View voucher.

The second retail bundle, for GBP 29.99, comprises of just a 4Gb memory stick, a mini-USB cable as well as the Go!View voucher.

"Our brand new retail bundles offer two exciting and great value routes for more PSP customers to jump on board and enjoy the fantastic range of entertainment available," Turner added.

Go!View offers monthly subscription packs for three separate genres of content, including entertainment, sports and comedy. They are normally priced at GBP 5 each, GBP 8 for two or GBP 10 for all three. Rental TV is also available from GBP 1.50 per episode and movies are available from GBP 2.50 each.

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