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No early selling of PS3 Slim in UK

Despite reports the console is on sale in US, Sony prevents UK outlets from following suit

According to ShopTo, Sony has forbidden UK retailers from selling the new slim PlayStation 3 ahead of its September 1 release date, despite the fact US retailers are already doing so.

Sony confirmed at its Gamescom press conference the new hardware would roll out worldwide during the first week of September, although Kotaku reports the console being sold in the US now.

ShopTo CEO Igor Cipolletta has told Eurogamer that Sony is restricting retailers from selling early in the UK however. Although he does expect consoles to arrive tomorrow in anticipation of next week's launch, and - as he runs a mail-order retail outlet - will be able to ship the hardware as soon as Friday.

The smaller, lighter and more energy efficient PlayStation 3 Slim will retail at GBP 249.99 in the UK - a new lower price point that has now been applied to all PlayStation 3 SKUs.

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