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Sony announces UMD movie/game hybrid for PSP

To encourage more consumers to purchase movies on the company's PSP specific Universal Media Disc (UMD) format, Sony has announced the forthcoming release of the first hybrid UMD containing a full movie and exclusive playable game.

Due for release on November 15th in the USA, Stealth will be the first movie released for the PSP which also includes a playable game on the same disc. Although a truncated version of the original, WipEout Pure will be included, featuring additional content which cannot be found elsewhere.

Dubbed WipEout Pure: Stealth edition, the UMD will contain three tracks, three crafts and three different modes, available for single player or up to four people in multiplayer games.

The tracks will include an exclusive level designed specifically for the Stealth package, and players will also be able to race using the Stealth aircraft from the movie as an added bonus.

Whilst Sony Pictures Home Entertainment president Ben Feingold heralds the release as "an unparalleled entertainment experience that marks the next phase in portable entertainment," concerns remain that consumers may not be as easily swayed into buying films on a format which can only ever be used on the PSP, as opposed to the universal DVD format - particularly given the pricing of the products in question.

Available from November 15th, Stealth UMD including WipEout Pure: Stealth edition will retail at USD 39.95 - considerably higher than the standard movie UMD price range of USD 19.95-29.95.

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