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Solomon's Keep

Action RPG on iPhone.

For Immediate Release

Apr 3, 2010

Solomon's keep is an action role playing game, that pits a young student wizard, Sirius, against the master of black magic Solomon Dark. Sirius must make his way up the floors of Solomon's Keep to the top. But it won't be easy. Solomon's tower is guarded by a host of traps, skeletons, zombies, ghosts and other evil minions who's only goal is to ensure Sirius is dinner, instead of a winner.

In Solomon's Keep you use two virtual touchpads on the iPhone screen. One to aim and shoot and the other to walk through the keep. You can collect Solomon's treasures along the way and use the gold you find to improve your skills or buy magical items to aid in your quest.

As you gain experience you will periodically level-up. There are many options in the skill tree to choose from. Will you become a master of magic missiles or is fire more your style?

Making the right choices along the way can help you win the game. The dungeons are never the same twice, and it's possible to play Solomon's Keep several times and try

different approaches.

It you enjoy the playstyle of such action RPGs as Diablo, Titan Quest, or Torchlight, Solomon's Keep will satisfy your dark heart.

System requirements:

Solomon's Keep will play on any iPhone or iPod touch with OS ver 3.0 or greater.

Performance may be poor on 1st generation devices due to overuse of stunning visual effects.

For screenshots, gameplay movie, and more, visit the official site at


Free copies of the full game are available for review - Please Contact Raptisoft at



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