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3D gesture recognition system system complete with camera.


Brussels, Belgium - November 16, 2009

Softkinetic S.A., the leading 3D gesture recognition software developer, and Optrima S.A., the inventor of the Current Assisted Photonic Demodulation (CAPD) 3D sensing technology, today announced a strategic joint venture to introduce the Softkinetic-Optrima™ solution - the most complete 3D depth-sensing imaging and gesture recognition interface solution on the market.

The Softkinetic-Optrima solution combines Softkinetic’s industry leading 3D gesture recognition software with Optrima’s patented 3D camera and sensor hardware to bring true, one-to-one full-body gesture recognition interfaces to digital entertainment and consumer electronics.

"The availability of a high-performance, low cost 3D imaging solution from Softkinetic-Optrima represents a defining moment in the global consumer electronics industry," said Michel Tombroff, CEO of Softkinetic. "The solution we have developed will bridge the interactive gap between video games, movies, music, web-browsing, and more, dramatically accelerating the consolidation of these digital mediums on electronics devices."

After 14 years of combined research and development, the new technology from Softkinetic and Optrima is the first all-in-one gesture-recognition solution that combines industry-leading hardware and software. It revolutionizes human-computer interaction by leveraging a totally universal software architecture that can be integrated into nearly any hardware or software platform. The Softkinetic-Optrima solution is poised to become an industry standard for controller-free gesture interaction with 3D cameras and sensors, including gesture-based video games, interactive multimedia televisions, PC operating systems, and much more.

"As media becomes increasingly consolidated, consumer electronics manufacturers and digital media developers seek an accessible, standardized interface technology to help their customers manage the broad array of information and media," stated André Miodezky, CEO of Optrima. "Combining the two best-of-breed technologies of Softkinetic and Optrima into one single solution represents a formidable time-to-market competitive advantage for these companies and a revolution in digital interconnectivity for consumers."

The Softkinetic-Optrima solution contains the following features:

- Softkinetic’s patent-pending iisu™ 3D gesture recognition software, enabling true one-to-one full-body movement tracking

- Optrima’s patented time-of-flight DepthSense™ family of 3D sensors and OptriCam™ family of 3D imagers provide state-of-the-art 3D sensor and camera hardware

- Total platform compatibility allowing developers to create unique gesture-recognition interfaces for a wide variety of electronic devices including PCs, video game consoles, television set-top boxes, and many more

- Multiplatform gesture interface solution for video game consoles, enabling game developers to create multiplatform games using a single 3D camera peripheral and interface

- Support and guidance of Softkinetic Studios to ensure maximum leverage of the technology solution

The Softkinetic-Optrima solution is available today. For more information please visit: www.softkinetic-optrima.com

About Softkinetic-Optrima™

Softkinetic-Optrima, the joint venture of Softkinetic S.A. and Optrima S.A., is the leading provider of integrated hardware/software 3D imaging solutions for the interactive digital entertainment and consumer electronics markets. For more information on Softkinetic-Optrima please visit www.softkinetic-optrima.com.

About Softkinetic

Softkinetic is the leading provider of natural interfaces that transform the way people interact with the digital world. Softkinetic enables a fully immersive, transparent, and intuitive user experience by providing 3D real-time gesture recognition middleware to interactive digital entertainment, consumer electronics, and serious games companies. Softkinetic, iisu and Interface Is You are trademarks or registered trademarks of Softkinetic S.A. For more information on Softkinetic please visit www.softkinetic.net.

About Optrima

Optrima is a Brussels VUB spin-off company and a global leader in 3D TOF hardware technology design and production. OPTRIMA hardware solutions include CMOS 3D TOF Imagers, 3D TOF Platforms and 3D TOF Cameras. Optrima is building this hardware on its proprietary and patented technology DepthSense™ 3D Imaging. Optrima DepthSense™ sensors are ideally suited for building low cost (low bill-of-material) 3D modules and cameras. Optrima is delivering hardware solutions to the industrial (automotive, security, automation), health/fitness, consumer, PC and video gaming markets. Please visit www.optrima.com for more information on Optrima. Optrima, DepthSense and OptriCam are trademarks or registered trademarks of Optrima S.A.

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