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SingStar reaches 20 million sales

Series reaches landmark sales figure; update adds number of new features

The SingStar series has now sold over 20 million units, Sony has announced, five and a half years after the London Studio's singing game first launched on PlayStation 2.

Sony's landmark sales figure coincides with the release of a new update for the game, which adds a number of features and fixes issues such as missing songs caused by its previous update.

Features added include assorted top 10s on the SingStore - such as most downloaded tracks, and top festive tunes - and the ability to view purchasable SingStore songs directly from the song selection screen.

A child-friendly cartoon version of the end-of-song feedback and rating screen has also been introduced.

Sony has updated the SingStar series on a regular basis since 2004 with instalments spanning pop, R&B, the '80s and ABBA hits.

Earlier this year, Sony confirmed 16 million units had been sold across PAL regions alone.

Localisation within Europe has been crucial in hitting those numbers, it said, with the game available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Croatian and Russian.


Kath Brice