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Simple Lifeforms launch

Founded by ex-Monumental Games and BSkyB chaps to develop social games.

Simple Lifeforms, a social game company, has recently been founded in the online game development hub of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Simple Lifeforms was formed to develop and publish games that combine the best features of online games (such as Runescape and World of Warcraft) and social networks (such as Facebook and MySpace). Simple Lifeforms call these products "Social Games".

Company founders Alan O’Dea (ex Monumental Games) and Tadhg Kelly (ex BSkyB) were inspired to found the company after researching trends between game players and internet users. They believe that the convergence between the two is happening in social networks. Social networks are quickly becoming the perfect market environment to deliver new kinds of game experience, including such elements as co-operative play, social play-enablement, dating, finding new friends and challenging existing friends. Both believe that this is as revolutionary a development for games as the introduction of 3D graphics was for games a decade ago. 

“We formed Simple Lifeforms to use our video game development and publishing experience within social networks. Social networks are a key platform for delivering new kinds of games through a new distribution model. During our careers to date we have been involved in making many types of single and multi-player game across all platforms but the games we have always wanted to make are more social in nature. We are interested in the dynamics of groups, in how communities can form through the common interest of a play experience, and how this play can translate into a whole virtual life online. There is a lot of talk about social experience driving a new gameplay revolution on the internet. To our minds however Play has always been a social experience.” says Tadhg Kelly, Chief Creative Officer

“460 million people everyday use the top six social networks and 12 percent of these are already playing games. With recent reports stating that over $1.7 billion dollars has been invested in online games and support industries in 2007 alone this market sector does and will continue to provide real value to investors who understand the nature of online games and are looking for substantial and sustainable financial returns for their investments. Social gaming is going to be a significant and sustainable market sector in its own right and one that combines the commercial opportunities of online games (billing, business models and monetisation methods) with the growth opportunities and communication features of social networks (two-way communication, social and community)” says Alan O’Dea, Chief Executive Officer.

Having obtained an initial round of investment from regional screen agency EM Media, through the European Regional Development Fund and local angel investors in November Simple Lifeforms are now developing its first social game “Spell Souls” for Facebook with the intention to launch it in early 2009.

Contact: Alan O’Dea, CEO, Simple Lifeforms.

Telephone: +44 (0) 115 833 1114

Email: press@simplelifeforms.com

Twitter: @alanodea

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