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Silver PStwo rumours 'purely speculative' -Sony

Sony has described reports that it plans to release a silver version of its slimline PlayStation 2 in Europe as "purely speculative" and described images of the unit circulating the Internet as "completely unofficial".

The slimline PS2, commonly referred to as "PStwo" in press circles, was released around the world late last year and proved wildly popular despite offering no major technical advantages over its chunkier predecessor.

However, despite that popularity, Sony has not announced plans to release different coloured versions of the unit at this time, although past history suggests that it will do before too long. Not just past history either - last week UK catalogue retailer Argos started listing a silver version on its website complete with a convincing image of the unit. It's since disappeared from the catalogue.

Although no release date was attached to the item, people nevertheless got a bit excited, and reports sprang up everywhere despite Sony's silence on the subject.

Speaking to our sister site Eurogamer yesterday though, a spokesperson said, "We have not made any official announcements regarding slimline PS2 hardware further to its release last year. This is purely speculative as you can see from the images floating around online which have been mocked and are completely unofficial."

No announcements and claims of pure speculation are no guarantee that we won't see a silver slimline PS2, of course. Some are already suggesting that an even shinier new shiny thing from Sony would make a wonderful spoiler launch for whatever Microsoft plans to do on the third anniversary of its UK Xbox launch this 14th March.


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