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Kart racer/shooter hybrid due to arrive in August.

For Immediate Release

April 28th, 2009 - Edmonton, AB - Exalt Studios Inc. has announced its first game, "Silas"!

Silas is an innovative kart racing/shooter hybrid for the PC. Prepare to enter the world of Silas, and become one of 12 different characters looking to compete in a high stakes tournament. Gear up to race in 12 diverse environments, and wage war in 8 different arenas. Choose from 18 different weapons to wreak havoc, each with 2 unique firing functions. Weapons are either projectile or turret based and use a new targeting system to make it all possible. Enjoy an original soundtrack with 22 songs and hundreds of sound effects and voiceovers.

Single player modes contain such classics as Grandprix, V.S, Mission, and Time Trial, where you can compare your scores with the world. The online component allows battle and racing for 2-12 players, contains a fully featured lobby system, and allows stats tracking. Experience 7 distinct multiplayer modes, such as Deathmatch, CTF, Battle, Survival, and Capture the Pipes. Silas is being created by a single independent developer (William Sworin) and has been in development for a period of 5 years.

The philosophy behind the creation was always to make a fun, solid, and balanced game, and to revolutionize the kart genre which hasn't changed much within the last decade. It is being built to take advantage of the PC, in terms of both gameplay and graphics, but also supports alternate methods of control. Silas is scheduled for release on the PC for August of 2009. It supports a wide range of systems.

Please visit http://www.kartsilas.com for all updates concerning a final release date, news, media, and future distribution channels.

http://www.kartsilas.com - Silas Website

http://www.exaltstudios.com - Company Portal


For The Press: Please take a look at the packages below:

http://www.exaltstudios.com/silaspress.zip - complete package


Low Res: http://www.exaltstudios.com/silaspress/silas_gameplay.avi

High Res: http://www.exaltstudios.com/silaspress/silas_gameplayhigh.avi



Contact: William SworinExalt

Studios Inc.

Main: sworin@exaltstudios.com

Alternate: sworin@msn.com

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