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"Shrek & Denki Together Again..."

...On Another Sky High Adventure!

Dundee, Scotland, September 11th 2007. Casual games experts Denki has launched Shrek The Third on Sky Games, the company's latest title for the interactive digital TV (iDTV) gaming service.

Shrek The Third is Denki's sixth Shrek branded title for Sky Games and the fifty sixth game to be released by Denki in a little over seven years.

Shrek The Third challenges players to defeat Prince Charming's army of wicked fairy tale characters, find Princess Fiona's cousin, Artie, the final heir to the throne of Far Far Away.

Armed only with mudballs from his beloved swamp, Shrek must splatter the invading hordes, save Artie and try to avoid being crowned the King of Far Far Away himself.

"Ogres are like onions," said Colin Anderson, Denki's Managing Director. "They have many layers. In our past games we've tried to show that Shrek is more than a ferocious, apparently Scottish ogre. He's a hero with a heart too. Shrek The Third carries on this proud tradition and gives players the chance to get even with the fairy tale villains of their childhood, with a well aimed handful of mud."

Shrek The Third is available exclusively to Sky subscribers through the Sky Games service. Viewers can play Shrek by pressing the interactive button on their Sky remote control and selecting Sky Games.

Like all of Denki's iDTV titles, Shrek The Third has been designed and developed to be played with the viewers Sky remote control. No additional hardware or software is required. The game can be understood and enjoyed by every viewer, not matter what their experience level with games.


Shrek The Third is the copyright of Dreamworks

Notes To Editors:

About Denki

Denki has been involved in the casual games market since the company was founded seven years ago. Denki initially created games for the Game Boy Advance, as well as the emerging mobile gaming sector. The company was one of the first in the world to begin developing games for interactive digital television channels such as those operated by DirecTV in the US, Bell Telecom in Canada, and Sky Television in Europe. In the last several years, Denki has created more than fifty (50) titles for digital TV networks, including many premier brands owned by the biggest media companies in the world, including: Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Viacom and Mattel.

Denki has built a reputation for taking top brands - that have already proven popular in other media - and translating them to hugely successful interactive TV titles aimed specifically at a mainstream 'casual' audience. Denki ensures that all the hallmarks that made the brands successful in their original media are retained within the interactive versions. This guarantees that fans will still recognise the key aspects and attributes from the original within the games, just as they did in the book, TV series, toy, cartoon, comic or movie they are based upon.

Denki treats all the brands it handles with enormous care and respect. This ensures Denki's development teams are always in great demand from game publishers, brand owners and intellectual property creators who know their branded products must live up to the highest standards.

About Sky Gamestar

Sky Gamestar is the UK's leading provider of television games and is available to over 8.5 million Sky homes in the UK and Ireland. The TV games portal hosts over 25 games at any one time, including popular formats such as Scrabble, Deal or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? through to retro classics such as Pac-Man. Viewers play the games using their Sky digital remote control or the Sky Gamepad, the first dedicated games controller for digital satellite TV. Some of the games are free and others are pay-to-play on an individual basis. Gamers can also purchase electronic Games Pass that enable them to play a series of games as often as they like all day for a single price.



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