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Shane Hensley to lead Superstition Studios

Shane Hensley, a writer behind City of Villains, has been named studio head of FireSky's Superstition Studios

Shane Lacy Hensley, the senior writer behind the City of Villains MMORPG, has been named studio head of FireSky's Superstition Studios.

Prior to the promotion, Hensley served as the studio's creative director.

"Over the last nine months, Shane has built Superstition Studios through the hiring of a small team of very talented individuals," said FireSky senior VP of product development Rod Nakamoto.

"The creative minds in that studio have already surpassed our expectations in their early work. With Shane's leadership, success is a given for Superstition Studios."

Prior to joining Superstition Studios, Hensley worked on City of Heroes and City of Villains. His tabletop work includes several novels, miniatures games, and card games as well as the Army of Darkness RPG, the Killer Instinct collectible card game, the Fields of Honor miniatures game, and his own Weird Wars RPG.

Superstition Studios hasn't yet announced its next project publicly, which is expected to be published by FireSky.

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