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Seek 'n Spell

iPhone GPS word-based game.

San Francisco - April 22, 2009 - The Retronyms announced today the release of their new app Seek ‘n Spell for the iPhone 3G. Seek ‘n Spell transforms iPhone gaming from a solo, sedentary experience to an active and social outdoor contest. Combining real outdoor spaces with virtual letters, Seek ‘n Spell is a word game where you and your friends compete to gather letter tiles and create words to score the most points. Want to see it in action? The Seek ‘n Spell trailer is available for download below.

With Seek ‘n Spell, players gather in a park or other large outdoor space with a clear view of the sky and activate the app. Seek ‘n Spell detects all the players present and scatters letter tiles across the playing field. Players then race one another around the field to capture up to 10 letter tiles at a time, which they use to create words. Coveted gold tiles will appear randomly on the field, earning players a doubled score when used in words. Points are earned based on the length of the words players spell, and the player with the most points when time runs out wins.

“The GPS capabilities of the iPhone 3G offer new gaming opportunities, and we’re taking full advantage of them with Seek ‘n Spell,” said Dan Walton, co-founder of Retronyms. “We are using the GPS as an innovative game controller, where your actual location on Earth drives the gameplay. We’re releasing Seek ‘n Spell on Earth Day to celebrate our planet and encourage iPhone users to get outside and play.”

The trailer for Seek ‘n Spell, which includes live-action footage of the game being played, is available at http://www.seeknspell.com/video.html. Screenshots and logos can be downloaded here: http://www.seeknspell.com/PR/.

The Seek ‘n Spell is available for download from the iTunes App Store at a retail price of $2.99 by visiting http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=307726640&mt=8

About Retronyms

Founded by Dan Walton, John-Paul Walton and Zach Saul, The Retronyms have a strong track record of successful iPhone application development, including titles such as Recorder and FourTrack. The first Retronyms iPhone game, Seek ‘n Spell, is now available in the App Store. For more information, please visit http://www.retronyms.com/

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