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Section 7: Into Arm's Way

RPG set 30 years before the events of Section 8.


SUGAR LAND, Texas – April 1, 2010 – TimeGate Studios is proud to announce the newest game to take place in the Section 8® universe with Section 7: Into Arm’s Way (S7IAW) for next, next-generation consoles. Taking the franchise to the new frontier of role-playing games, S7IAW builds upon the strengths of the developers of the critically acclaimed Kohan® real-time strategy series and first-person shooter, Section 8.

Players will be able to step-into the famed role of Alex Corde’s father, Dean Corde, approximately 30 years before the events of Section 8 and pioneer the galaxy with the newly formed Helldivers in this epic tale of heroism, betrayal, and sacrifice against an unknown evil.

“Section 7: Into Arm’s Way will be an unforgettable and emotional experience for role-playing game fans across all next-gen platforms,” says Adel Chaveleh, CEO, TimeGate Studios. “Fans and critics will agree that by going back to the basics of what made classic RPGs great—linear storylines, pausable combat, mandatory food and drink usage, level-grinding, and inventory management—we were really able to innovate in the genre and cooked up something extremely special in S7IAW.”


• Customize your appearance including facial structure, hair, clothing, and stylish add-ons

• Manage your inventory like never before with over 3,000 slots for your loot

• Play across an epic storyline with over 35 hours of gameplay*

• Explore new planets such as New Berlin and visit old favorites such as Atlas and Earth

• Battle in real-time or turn-based combat against formidable foes with over 100 unique frames of animation each

• Engage in the highly innovative Dynamic Combat Situations (DCSs) that provide players the power to create their own side quests and rewards

• Increase your rank from lowly Private all the way to esteemed General

• Swoon your way to fame by participating in in-depth romance mini-games

Section 7: Into Arm’s Way will be dropping into storefronts worldwide in Fall 2010.

*Actual game time may vary depending on quantity of randomly generated side quests completed

About TimeGate Studios

TimeGate Studios, Inc. ( www.timegate.com), a world-class game development studio located in Sugar Land, TX, exhibits a record of huge success since its founding in 1998. Developing for all major platforms, TimeGate has released multiple award-winning video game titles, many of which are based on TimeGate-owned intellectual properties. Section 8 ( www.joinsection8.com), TimeGate’s newest title, leads the way in a wave of next-generation gaming experiences currently under development by the studio.

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