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Secondhand Lands

"Humorous" fairy tale MMORPG available today as a free download.


AUSTIN, TX – January 29, 2009 – Fans of tongue-in-cheek humor should head off the beaten path of MMORPGs today to play Secondhand Lands, a PC game which launched this morning as a free download from Pixel Mine Games. The offbeat fairy-tale MMORPG brings a fresh perspective on fun with four non-human races, player to player mounting, and a rofl-worthy world that tickles the funny bone at every turn.

“Secondhand Lands was designed to let artists do wacky and different things,” says Bobby Thurman, lead developer and master mind behind Secondhand Lands. “Early on in the game’s life we made the decision to allow humor to pervade the game from top to bottom.” That humor translates to a world populated by memorable characters such as the Sugar Prune Fairy, cable trolls, and the four Princess Pwnies of the apocalypse.

Along with the vanilla game systems of standard MMOs, Secondhand Land features player to player mounting. Wolves and Sheep can equip a saddle and invite Scrappers or Catgirls to ride them as if they were a player mount. Bobby Thurman adds, “Despite the ‘mounting’ jokes, you can see a huge change when two players mount and realize a new type of synergy beyond normal player grouping.”

Secondhand Lands is a game that connoisseurs of the MMO genre will want to add to their repertoire. Crafters can make the most sophisticated items in game – cigars, antlers, butterfly wings, and jetpacks – using loot that drops from creatures in the world. Power gamers will want to check out the skill system, which can be configured in billions of ways.

Secondhand Lands can be downloaded for free from Pixel Mine Games. Visit the Secondhand Lands website for more information about the game.

About Secondhand Lands

Secondhand Lands is the massively multiplayer online game set in a fairytale world colored with parody and witty fun. The heroes are comprised of a motley crew of wolves, sheep, catgirls, and scrappers who have pledged their undying (well, perhaps not undying) allegiance to either Little Bo Peep or Red Riding Hood. In addition to the vanilla game-play mechanics of mainstream online games, this world offers over 120 handwritten quests, a crafting system to trump all loots, player to player mounting, and an a la carte skill system to keep the Billy Goats Gruff at bay for quite some time! Visit www.secondhandlands.com for more information.

About Callipygian Games

Based near Austin, Texas, Callipygian Games is a small team of dedicated developers, most of whom make their contribution after their regular 'day jobs' in the games industry. Callipygian is currently developing the MMORPG Secondhand Lands.

About Pixel Mine, Inc.

Headquartered in the gaming hotbed of Austin, Texas, Pixel Mine, Inc is a developer and publisher of high quality independent entertainment products. More information about Pixel Mine can be found online at www.pixelminegames.com.


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